When anyone tries to search for website builder options online or even through personal recommendations, WordPress is the most common answer that he is likely to hear. Though you might not know much about WordPress initially, you will undoubtedly stumble upon some important facts about this content management system that will convince you of its obvious advantages.

Nevertheless, while WordPress does have a number of advantages over other available options, this does not necessarily mean that it is the right website builder for your needs. Although it is undoubtedly the popular choice, you might still wish to consider other alternatives that could provide a better fit. To help you make a more informed choice as an aspiring website manager and owner, this article will attempt to compare and contrast other available website builders to see how they fare against WordPress.

WordPress Fast Facts

Mention the name WordPress and even the most technologically inept person would recognize it. After all, it is as famous as it is easily accessible. All you need is a decent internet connection and you can already work your way to creating your own piece of online real estate. Its simple layout and features also belie a powerful tool for website creation.

Conversely, while it is flexible enough to create a multitude of website options that will suit the tastes of the most discerning user, it also has a much steeper learning curve. New users could feel frustrated with the complex and rather advanced technological know-how that the system requires. A certain level of skill needs to be applied in order to maximize everything that WordPress has to offer.

The Ideal WordPress User

As briefly discussed earlier, you will need to apply a considerable amount of patience and dedication in order to fully harness WordPress’ capabilities. Specifically, you will need to be ready to learn some basic coding and web development skills so that you can use it effectively. However, if you have more resources at your disposal, you also have the option of simply hiring other developers to handle the job for you.

For this reason, the ideal WordPress user is often one who has some knowledge of basic code and web development or someone who has the financial capacity to hire others who do.  Those who patronize WordPress are often large companies who can manage large websites. Nevertheless, even start-up web owners can also harness their creativity using the online tool as long as they have both time and patience to spare.

Going Over Other Options

Unfortunately, not everyone has the financial capacity or the time needed in order to effectively utilize WordPress. They could either have no propensity for learning code or they could simply hate the thought of wasting precious time and money. If you find yourself falling into any of these categories, then you might be much better off using lesser known but simpler website builders.

Though some might say that these alternative website builders are much cruder when compared to the clean WordPress interface, they do allow even the least tech savvy user to design their own website without much assistance. In fact, these Website builders are also known as drag and drop website builders since they allow users to be particularly hands-on. Though they are not as flexible as WordPress in terms of modifications, most free website builders offer online teams that can offer ready assistance whenever you need it. This means that you will not need to hire outside assistance if you are not prepared to shell out some money.

General Advantages of Free Website Builders

As the name states, alternative website builders allow users to drag and drop nearly any form of content onto a web page without writing a word of code. This means that you can easily customize the look of your page even if you have no prior web programming experience.

However, if you do have a few basic coding skills, you will likely benefit from the coding customization of these free website builders. You will be able to modify the look of your page and create your own special imprint. Though you are already given the opportunity to simply drag any image or video onto the page without much trouble, the fact that you can also edit the designs using code provides you with a welcome amount of creative freedom.

For those without any coding knowledge whatsoever, you still stand to gain a lot from the availability of professionally designed templates. Even without writing a single line of code, you are still given the chance to customize the desired look and feel of your website. You can choose to create a minimalist look for your website and make it mobile friendly or maximize the space and make it engaging and interesting enough to attract new users.

The free templates are made to suit the styles and tastes of various industries so you will likely find at least one that will suit your requirements. Specialized businesses such as hotel and leisure or music and arts will also be able to utilize the innovative tools and features that are designed to help them realize their specific business goals. As a bonus, these industry-specific tools are constantly updated in order to keep up with the latest trends. This ensures that you will be able to keep up with your online competitors.

Lastly, most free website builders offer email and live chat support. Considering how difficult it can be to manipulate, this online assistance is something that is severely lacking in the WordPress program. Nevertheless, the online support system might not be as necessary as it would be on a WordPress interface since these drag and drop website builders are already so notoriously easy to manipulate and understand.

The Bottomline

In the end, the website builder that you choose will largely depend on your needs, goals, and available resources. Additionally, WordPress and other free website builders do not only aim to serve as tools but they also function as venues for creative expression. This means that the process or experience that you want to go through can also have a significant impact on your final decision.

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While WordPress is not only a popular but powerful choice, it is still a website builder that will not suit everyone’s taste or skill level. It requires a considerable amount of labor and patience in order create a polished website using the platform.

If you are one of the people who would prefer a simpler and more manageable user interface, then you might be better suited to a drag and drop website builder. You will not need the assistance of a dedicated IT staff in order to build your website. Thus, you will be given more freedom to edit and design it as you please.

You will be spared from writing tedious amounts of code and will therefore be able to focus on more important matters. Compared to WordPress, other free website builders also allow you to launch your website within a considerably shorter timeframe. This means that you can focus on immediately generating user traffic and getting your brand or company name out there as soon as you publish your first page.

Ultimately, you should aim for the website builder that not only provides you with the best features, but with the best experience as well. You should be able to feel excitement and enjoyment while you are designing your website so that you will be better motivated to make it the best that it can be. Though not everything might will go smoothly in the beginning, taking the time to claim your own internet space is an endeavor that is definitely worth pursuing and choosing the right website builder is a crucial first step.

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