Let us clarify one thing; WordPress is among the most used website builders or systems for content management worldwide. It is popular, strong and flexible, allowing you to obtain part of a section of the internet; your personal website.

I have clarified this, so the main query is – is this website builder the appropriate one for you?  It is my guess that you came across this debate here since you are searching for some WordPress choices.

Perhaps you simply want to comprehend the alternatives available to you better, to facilitate you creating your personal website; or perhaps you got discouraged with getting to know the way to utilize WordPress (it is after all, difficult to learn).

Whatever the case, this article will cover some choices for WordPress and guide you on some detailed debate on the way these other alternatives for website builder contrast against WordPress.

In Regard to Website Builders, None of them is Right nor Wrong

Prior to us delving into the discussion of some of the choices for WordPress, I simply need to voice one idea. A faultless website builder does not exist. Each platform which allows you to build websites has their own pros and cons.

WordPress…Who can benefit from it?

In general terms, WordPress is an extremely strong and flexible platform. A number of the globe’s biggest and famous websites are set up with WordPress. However, they are also sufficiently quick to control smaller websites. But, to efficiently utilize it takes some work and it requires advanced learning compared to other website builders.


If you can spare the time and are keen to make a dedication in gaining knowledge of some code, or possess the financial resources to hire competent developers then certainly, WordPress is a great choice for you.


Drag & Drop Website Builders – Whom are they Ideal For?

To be honest, not each person possesses the resources, in terms of time and funds, to gain knowledge on efficient WordPress utilization. A number of you like to personally do it and be very actively involved in the actual creation of your personal website.

You do not possess the technical know-how and lack a great curiosity in modifying codes or gaining knowledge on the way to do it. You may not desire to control developers or wait for updates which they have made since it is your preference to make immediate changes to your website as you go along.

If this describes you, then using a drag & drop website builder, is possible among your better choice.

Prior to going through a WordPress choices list, comprehend that compared to WordPress, these website builders are not as adaptable or flexible as WordPress.

However, they provide lots of worth which WordPress is unable to (a lot simpler to utilize, completely sustained by assistance teams, there is no requirement for coding to set up a wonderful website. You can personally carry it out without engaging assistance).


  • WORDPRESS 74% 74%
  • WIX 95% 95%
  • WEEBLY 92% 92%
  • JIMDO 88% 88%


  • WORDPRESS 98% 98%
  • WIX 92% 92%
  • WEEBLY 94% 94%
  • JIMDO 86% 86%


  • WORDPRESS 70% 70%
  • WIX 91% 91%
  • WEEBLY 90% 90%
  • JIMDO 87% 87%

1. First alternative of WordPress – WIX Website Builder

Wix is one of the best drag & drop website builders available today.

Currently, they possess more than 72 million recorded users and nearly 1.5 million subscribers who pay. You are able to practically drag and drop whatever text you desire on your website, without coming into contact with a code line.

Wix also provides you with over 500 professional looking design templates to select from, through a huge variety of industries; therefore, you will probably get something which is appropriate for your requirements.

Additionally, they provide you with support, email and phone (WordPress lacks this) in case you have any queries or encounter any problems. Utilizing Wix presents many advantages, like managing to create a website in a short time, without coding knowledge and obtaining a support team to sustain you.  There are disadvantages as well, with Wix.

Wix Review – press here to view merits and demerits of utilizing Wix, in detail.

2. The second alternative of WordPress – Weebly Website Builder

Weebly is possibly the most simple website builder for drag and drop present now. The user interface they have is extremely amiable and simple, which makes it very spontaneous to get to know the way to set up your website (once more, without contact with a code line).

Therefore, if you are searching for an answer that is the simplest and easiest in regard to setting up a website, Weebly can be very effective for you. In comparison to Wix, their design templates are not as inclusive nor as advanced as Squarespace; however, they present new and improved designs frequently.

Weebly offers you support for phone and email if you require them. However, they are extremely simple to utilize; you might not require assistance.

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3. The third alternative of WordPress – Jimdo Website Builder

Even though Jimdo is not as simple to utilize as Wix (however, in comparison to WordPress it is a lot simpler to utilize and tailor) it offers you the capability of setting up a wonderful, truly sophisticated looking website.

Their power lies in the design templates they have, that are  all mobile responsive and beautifully crafted.

You are able to practically ‘drag and drop’ and create a website which looks like you used up a lot of funds to engage a designer to assist you to set up.

Jimdo offers you email and live chat support. Again, it’s something WordPress does not have unless you pay a developer to assist you (which can cost more than what you pay per month to use Jimdo).

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